Dear guests,

you spend your vacation in a private apartment/holiday home. We have made great efforts to create a nice and comfortable athmosphere and hope that you will enjoy a wonderful and relaxful stay at the Steinberghaus.

The following house rules will help to create a harmonic stay and we hope that you understand and accept them.
Please help us to provide you a beautiful home for your vacation in the future.

In General:
Should you miss something in the interior or if you need help, please let us know how we can help you.
You are allowed to use everything belonging to the apartment, holiday home, balcony or the terrace you can find to your convenience. Please treat the interior carefully and take care of the fellow passengers to stick to the house rules.

Maximum number of travelers / Commercial use of the accomodation:
Please note that not more than 4 persons (including children) are allowed to stay in one apartment or 8 persons (including children) in the holiday home. The commercial use of the accomodation is forbidden.

Hand-over of keys:
The keys will be handed over by our contact person upon arrival directly at the Steinberghaus.
The keys lock all rooms accessible to the tenant.On the departure day the keys have to be given to our contact person until 10.00 am. Please arrange an appointment in the case of an early departure.

Arrival and departure:
The arrival should take place between 04.00 pm and 06.30 pm.

On the departure day you should leave the apartment at 10.00 am the latest. Please ensure to place used towels and bedclothes in the bathroom. Consider not to leave any food in the apartment. The kitchen and the whole accomodation should be left in a tidy and clean condition. Please lock all doors and windows before leaving the house.

Baby or children facilities:
Please note that baby or children facilities are only available on request.

Nobody damages objects violently. Surely it may happen that something gets broken. In this case please tell our contact person about the damage so that it will be taken care of immediately.

In general smoking ist not allowed in the apartment/holiday home. Should you not comply we will charge a fee of € 250 for the cleaning of the accomodation. These costs are not included in the rental price. We will keep the costs for damages like burn marks or wholes from your deposit.

Use of garden / grill:
The tenants are invited to use the garden surrounding the Steinberghaus. Barbecues or open fire are not allowed due to means of fire security.

Pets or animals of any kind are not allowed at our apartments (Rain 62, 5771 Leogang). Maximum two dogs are allowed at the holiday home (Rain 74, 5771 Leogang).

Rest period:
In appreciation of our neighbours we kindly ask you to follow the rest periods between 10.00 pm and 07.00 am in the night and between 01.00 pm and 03.00 pm in the afternoon.

Obligation for executive care:
Windows and doors have to be closed when you leave the accomodatiom to avoid damage caused by weather or burglary. Please take care as well that the light is turned off.
The advertiser is not liable for the tenant’s objects of value.

Security advise:
The entry, basement stairs and fire doors must not be blocked. These are escape ways in the case of an emergency. Please avoid open fire like candles. Fireworks in and around the Steinberghaus are not allowed. The tenant is liable for any kind of damage.

Please take care to place tableware in the cupboards only in a dry and tidy condition. The stove, refrigerator, silverware, kettles and kitchen machines have to be cleaned after being used. You will find instruction manuals in the drawer under the stove.

Please do not throw any hygienic atricles into the toilet.

Please do not throw any garbage or leftover food into the basin, shower or toilet. You will find a garbage can in the kitchen beneath the basin. Trash cans are place in front of the main entrance of the Steinberghaus. Glass and paper have to be disposed separately.

You are allowed to use the washing machine and dryer in the basement lavatory. The advertiser is not liable for the tenant’s objects of value. Instruction manuals are placed in the lavatory. Please treat the inventory carefully and be sure not to leave any clothes in the washing machine or dryer.

Depository for skis:
In the basement ski equipment can be stored in the extra, lockable depository belonging to your accomodation. There is a stand to place your skis and another to hang your ski shoes for drying. In addition you will find clothes hooks on the wall to leave your ski clothes. Please use this possibility to change clothes in the depository as it is not allowed to enter the accomodation with ski shoes.
The advertiser is not liable for the tenant’s objects of value.

We wish you a nice and pleasant stay, relaxation and recovery at the Steinberghaus.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Steinberghaus